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Easy Tips for Making a Resume Better

Resume writing does not need the wisdom of William Shakespeare; you can also compose your own solid resume that represents you best in front of employer. Don’t bother how to manage this task. You can design an appealing, well organized and professional looking resume just by using a few easy tips that you may have been neglecting. Yeah..its true. There are not always big mistakes that cause your resumes to be rejected. Even little things that you neglect while drafting it can spoil your impression.

"Emphasize your strengths on your resume, in your cover letters and in your interviews. It may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people simply list everything they've ever done. Convey your passion and link your strengths to measurable results. Employers and interviewers love concrete data." - Marcus Buckingham

Here are some simple and easy tips to make a better resume even when you are composing your resume for the first time without any professional guidance:

  • Avoid writing resume in your native language. Use plain English language it will make better understanding of your text.
  • Choose simple font style (i.e. Ariel) and size (i.e. 12) and persist it throughout the resume document. Different alignments and font make an ugly mark to the beauty of resume document.
  • Don’t use any pictures, charts or tables on your resume. It is not a business presentation sheet but a simple business document that is used to make communication between candidate and employer. Rather than it, use quantitative data.
  • Do not use first person pronoun; it has no place in resume as it is a business document. Avoid the words like ‘I’, ‘You’ etc.
  • Write short sentences instead of writing long story paragraphs. It does not necessarily need to write complete sentences. It will make your resume crisp, short and professional.
  • Use related terms instead of using long phrases to describe your skills. This is a trick to impress the potential employer with your intelligence and reveal your deep professional expertise.
  • Don’t adopt paragraph style to describe something. It will not only make your resume lengthier but also tarnishes your resume beauty. Rather than it, use bullets wherever needed. It will keep your resume to-the-point.
  • Start with the general and go to the more specific information to retain the interest of the reader and force him to read the resume till the last line.
  • Do not use fancy font, borders and shades in resume composition. Only in case if you are applying for a job that necessarily need to see your creative abilities, you can make fancy resume. But it is better to send both (plain and fancy) copies of your resume.
  • Some people only focus on composing resume but not on its presentation. File your document properly if you are going to drop your resume by your hand or wrap it along with cover letter if you are going to post it. Make sure that the paper used for resume hardcopy is white, neat and clean.